Vacation Rental Homes on the California North Coast

Guest Comments for #8 Pelican House

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Situated such that it provides an amazing view of more than 60 miles of coastline; this is a grand place to which we’re lucky enough to have returned multiple times.
We've sat on the front deck and watched whales off of Laguna Point for hours to the south, and the tide pools in the many secluded coves in front of the house can be fascinating.
The view to the north includes much of the Lost Coast, which shines brilliantly in summer months, and where snow has occasionally been seen on the distant coastal peaks in the winter.
It's a beautiful place during fair weather, but being here during "Bad Weather" might have been the most special; the expansive windows of the upstairs Dining and Living Room areas provide a warm and safe place from which to witness the power of Nature during storms in a way that few people other than Lighthouse Keepers might ever have experienced.
Fair weather or Foul; we’ve had no Bad Days at the Pelican House.

— Ernest

April 28, 2018

MCR's Reply

Thank you Ernest, we value your comments.

Just one word: "Excellent" thank you

— Sarah

April 6, 2016


The house was even better than we expected? Clean, beautiful and such a perfect location.

— Stacy

June 30, 2018


Beautiful home! So clean, it had everything we needed and then some.

— Amber

July 28, 2019

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